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Adj.1.intralinguistic - within a particular language; "intralinguistic variation"
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Indeed, the translation theory as proposed by Jakobson (1959) includes other two levels as well: intralinguistic and intersemiotic (p.
Intralinguistic quasi-synonymy: SOBRECONTRATACIoN--SOBREVENTA--SOBREOCUPACIoN - EXCESO DE RESERVA; it is also used in specialized syntagms, where this relation is established for each sector individually: SOBREVENTA AEREA (14) - SOBRECONTRATACION AEREA (15), and SOBRECONTRATACION HOTELERA (DTTO) - SOBREVENTA HOTELERA (16) - SOBREOCUPACION HOTELERA--SOBRERRESERVA HOTELERA.
One might wonder, at the close of this analysis, whether the same effects might not be achieved by an intralinguistic translation.
The analysis of Old English is purely intralinguistic and, consequently, interlinguistic considerations regarding the existence of continuity between inflection and derivation in some or many languages are not a focal point of attention.
In linguistics, care is usually taken to distinguish knowledge of the world from knowledge of language: the extra-linguistic notion of reference is contrasted with the intralinguistic notion of sense, a property arising from the meaning relations between lexical items and sentences, (Crystal, 1985: 391) For the extensive contribution of cohesive devices in a text, many researchers have emphasised the importance of understanding the cohesive devices of the languages being translated.
For both of them, it is not the communicability of languages but the tensions of inter- and intralinguistic difference that constitute the essence and the active realm of translation.
One is that grammar is an intralinguistic convention which we impose on the world, producing a conceptualized version of it; another is to say that resemblance between language and world should not be surprising since after all the former has inherited its basic structures from a pre-linguistic perceptual hominid protosyntax.
Vygotsky and Luria also indicated that the cultural institution of writing not only allowed people to think differently, in a context entirely intralinguistic, if necessary, but also highlighted writing and speaking (language) as central tools of consciousness.
Unlike the intralinguistic logical operations of artificial (mathematical) languages, natural languages are never intralinguistic and always heterosemiotic, that is involving signs received through direct multisensory perception and mental representations of the past, present and future.
The theory posits that word meaning is atomic and referential and, further, that it is lexical organization which guides the minimalist in explaining intralinguistic semantic phenomena.
In this connection, if intralinguistic issues might be problematic to deal with, the production of an annual account to be perfectly understood in a foreign language is even more demanding.
2 Intralinguistic and interlinguistic reference, or linguistic self-reference, that is, anaphoric reference in NL expressions to other NL expressions, is a very different case that should not be confused with standard reference.