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Adj.1.intralobular - inside lobes or lobules


a. intralobular, dentro de un lóbulo.
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5 Same as 3 + focal occurrence of >16 cells/high power- field 4> Necrotic cells/high power field (Extensive confluent necrosis) Inflammation and perivascular infiltrate 0, 0-1 Intralobular or perivascular leukocytes/high power field 0.
The ducts divided into the intercalary duct, intralobular duct, interlobular duct, and pancreatic duct (Fig.
Two most important symptoms of the disease are brown orcein staining (copper) and intralobular fibrosis that ultimately leads to inflammation and portal cirrhosis [19].
Mammary epithelial hyperplasia is classified into three distinct types: lobular (arising from the intralobular ducts), ductal (arising from the extralobular ducts), and adenosis (CASSALI et al.
A high-resolution computed tomography scan showed characteristic areas of patchy ground-glass opacifications with interlobular septal thickening and intralobular reticular thickening (Figure-2).
The presence of atypical lymphocytes in lymphoma, IgG4-positive plasma cells in IgG4-related Mikulicz's disease, periductal and perivascular inflammation of lymphocytes and intralobular fibrosis in Sjogren's syndrome are the main factors that aid in the differential diagnosis of sarcoidosis.
Por ejemplo, en machos se ha observado degeneracion difusa o intralobular ocasionada por degeneracion testicular, originando disminucion de la calidad espermatica [1].
Our previous studies have suggested that BPIFA2 is not only secreted from the serous cells20 but is also produced within the intralobular and interlobular ducts of the salivary glands and serous demilunes of the minor salivary glands.
6) Perilobular hemangiomas are microscopic, incidental, benign vascular lesions involving perilobular, intralobular, or periductal stroma.
The ROS pattern in the 2nd week of MCD diet (Figure 3(a)) closely resembles the control pattern in staining intensity and intralobular distribution of the colored product in hepatocytes and occasional sinusoidal cells; the parenchymata looked normal and hepatocyte contours discernable (Figure 1(c)).
The scan shows thickening of the inter- and intralobular septae, in both the subpleural and peribronchovascular areas.
Akira et al reported diffuse or multi-focal groundglass opacities with intralobular interstitial thickening as the mainfeature in chemotherapy associated pneumonitis.