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Adj.1.intralobular - inside lobes or lobules
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a. intralobular, dentro de un lóbulo.
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Almost negligible damage to a few hepatocytes present in the close vicinity of the intralobular vein was observed in alendronate-treated rats.
The amyloid protein accumulates in perivascular, periductal and intralobular areas in the breast.
In both basal posterior segments of the lower lobes, an interlobular- intralobular interstitial thickening associated with ground glass opacities and some traction bronchiectasis and bronchiolectasis is appreciable.
Benign lesions consist of noncancerous cells, including intralobular papillomas, (fibro/neuro) adenomas, phyllodes tumors, inflammatory tumors, cysts, etc.
Areas of ground-glass opacity in the middle lobe, lingula, and inferior lobes, with thickening of intralobular septa.
In this study, serous and mucous acini as well as intralobular and secretory ducts showed a normal structure when observed under an optic microscope.
Sarcoid granulomas are generally distributed along the lymphatic routes within the pleura, intralobular septa, and along the bronchovascular bundle.
The intralobular and inter-lobular blood vessels were present near the ducts within and outside the lobules.
The ducts divided into the intercalary duct, intralobular duct, interlobular duct, and pancreatic duct (Fig.
Two most important symptoms of the disease are brown orcein staining (copper) and intralobular fibrosis that ultimately leads to inflammation and portal cirrhosis [19].