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Within the nose.

in′tra·na′sal·ly adv.


(Medicine) med into the nose
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According to the test results, the substance showed a very good preventive effect - the mouse, which was injected intranasally and then infected with the flu, remained healthy.
Following the paraspinal injections, the remaining stem cells are provided intravenously which is in the vein in the arm, and intranasally which is within the nose.
ReViral's Phase IIa placebo-controlled challenge trial in healthy adult participants infected intranasally with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has seen successful results, the UK-based biotech company announced on Monday.
To determine the pathogenicity of the viruses in infected mice, we anesthetized three 6-week-old female BALB/c mice (Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, USA) for each virus with isoflurane and inoculated intranasally with 10-fold serially diluted virus in a 50-[micro]L volume.
For this purpose, 9 cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) were inoculated orally, and 9 cockatiels were inoculated intranasally, with a PaBV-4 isolate.
Not having the option of receiving a flu vaccine intranasally or [via] a nasal spray is disappointing to some but I think that people recognize that flu vaccine is the best preventative measure that we have to protect everyone against influenza," he added.
Naloxone is also effective intranasally, and a commercial atomized product should be available soon.
Two vaccine types are approved in the United States, injectable inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV) and live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV), which is administered intranasally (1).
RGE-treated and untreated mice were intranasally infected with a mouse-adapted influenza A H1N1 virus.
Bilateral dacryocystoceles that expand intranasally and cause respiratory distress in the newborn are rarer still.
Viral levels began to drop within three days of treatment with the PDL-1 antibody, which was administered intranasally.
His research project was titled "Development of toxoplasma multi-protein sub-unit vaccine and their experiment trials in mouse model administered intranasally with triad of antigens formulated in nanoparticles," Prof Pasha said.