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polttaa Proto-Finnic *poltta- 'to burn (trans.)' is an irregular causative derivative from Proto-Finnic *pala- 'to burn (intrans.)' (Est.
Panama City-based Intrans Capital Inc received the payments before closing a year later.
Intrans, the first Internet service provider in Azerbaijan, was established in 1991 and is the first company in the country which started rendering high-quality services of Internet access.
(15.) The stem seca- is only attested in the Rigveda once (RV 10.96.1, cited above in the main text), but nevertheless seems quite secure: the pair seca- (intrans.): sinca- (trans.) corresponds to a pattern that is well established in the language; moreover, the full grade *seikv e/o- is also reflected in Germanic *seih a- 'sieve' (trans.), see Joachim 1978: 166-67.
The originality of this book is that it provides an exhaustive analysis of the grammaticalization and lexicalization phenomena that apply to Italian clitic pronouns, particularly ne, ci and la, in verbs that have been labeled verbi procomplementari by De Mauro (1999-2000), such as volerci 'be necessary, to take, intrans.', andarsene 'go, leave', and farcela 'manage, succeed' (to give just a few examples).
A feeling of loss is certainly a component of this sense of intrans mittability--a kind of mourning that is perhaps only qualitatively less intense, less wrenching, than the yearning for a lost homeland that so many of the refugees expre ssed on their voyage of displacement.
Yet in the sandy and stony soils of the wet part of north and northwest Australia (Arnhem Land and the Kimberley region), the herbaceous layer of the eucalyptus woody savannah is formed by several annual sorghums (Sorghum intrans, S.
Modelling the population dynamics of an annual plant Sorghum intrans in the wet-dry tropics.