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 (hī-pŏk′sē-ə, hĭ-)
1. Deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching body tissues.
2. Depletion of dissolved oxygen in aquatic environments to levels that are detrimental or fatal to aerobic organisms, often caused by eutrophication.

hy·pox′ic adj.
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(Pathology) deficiency in the amount of oxygen delivered to the body tissues
[C20: from hypo- + oxy-2 +-ia]
hypoxic adj
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(haɪˈpɒk si ə)
an abnormal condition of the body in which oxygen intake or use is inadequate.
[1940–45; hyp- + ox(y)-2 + -ia]
hy•pox′ic, adj.
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Noun1.hypoxia - oxygen deficiency causing a very strong drive to correct the deficiency
drive - a physiological state corresponding to a strong need or desire
anemic hypoxia - hypoxia resulting from a decreased concentration of hemoglobin
hypoxic hypoxia - hypoxia resulting from defective oxygenation of the blood in the lungs
ischemic hypoxia, stagnant hypoxia - hypoxia resulting from slow peripheral circulation (such as follows congestive cardiac failure)
asphyxia - a condition in which insufficient or no oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged on a ventilatory basis; caused by choking or drowning or electric shock or poison gas
altitude sickness - effects (as nosebleed or nausea) of oxygen deficiency in the blood and tissues at high altitudes
anoxia - severe hypoxia; absence of oxygen in inspired gases or in arterial blood or in the tissues
asphyxiation, suffocation - the condition of being deprived of oxygen (as by having breathing stopped); "asphyxiation is sometimes used as a form of torture"
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(15) Maternal anaemia is found to be great risk for asphyxia, probably because of placental insufficiency during the antenatal period followed by intrapartum hypoxia during delivery.
A postmortem concluded Killian had died from intrapartum hypoxia or oxygen deprivation which caused multi-organ injury, including brain damage.
intrapartum hypoxia or what is commonly referred to as birth asphyxia.
Through her advocacy and that of her colleagues, this improved to 848 placentas a year (still just 15% of deliveries) by 2004/5, when there were only 30 cases of clinically suspected intrapartum hypoxia. On examination, the placenta was normal in only one of these 30 cases, the remainder all showing some degree of pathology unsuspected by the attending clinician.
The baby died 4 hours later in the neonatal unit from complications of severe intrapartum hypoxia.
During oxygen deficiency or Intrapartum hypoxia, in the heart muscle cells, anaerobic metabolism is initiated in order to sustain energy production and myocardial function.