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Existing or occurring within the individual self or mind.

in′tra·per′son·al·ly adv.


occurring within a person's mind
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It explains how scholarly theories are created, developed, and modified, then theories of cognition and intrapersonal communication, individual and social approaches to communication, interpersonal communication, culture, persuasion, and group, organizational, mediated, and mass communication, as well as the influences and effects of these theories, and their commonalities.
This research is based on the Multiple Intelligences Theory, in which eight intelligences are presented: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic-corporal, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic.
Todos ellos forman parte de la subescala inteligencia intrapersonal del instrumento original a excepcion del item 65 ("Iniciar y mantener relaciones con otras personas").
Following counseling, students reported overwhelming satisfaction with services, significant gains in intrapersonal skills, improved ability to focus on academics, and greater intention to stay in school.
Build students' cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills;
Nearly a half million people lose their lives to intrapersonal violence each year, and youth violence is the fourth leading cause of death for young people worldwide.
Inductive coding revealed three types triangulated across all mothers: intrapersonal, cognitive and social learning through play (left side of Table 2).
It is an interdisciplinary approach to negotiation that draws insights from multiple schools of thought including integrative negotiation, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and intrapersonal and interpersonal communications.
Music attitudes held by the visually impaired group could be more sensitive to the location of the experience, including intrapersonal (Fleury & Lee, 2006), interpersonal (Kim, Wigram, & Gold, 2009), and communal experiences (Chong, Kim, & Kim, 2014).
The intrapersonal domain, which includes the capacity to manage one's behavior and emotions to achieve one's goals (including learning goals); and
There is a significant difference in the scores of secondary school students in intrapersonal, interpersonal and general mood of Emotional Intelligence scale in favour of males.
We should try to realize that gadgets and Internet could never be substituted for intrapersonal contact.