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A person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk taking and innovation.

[Blend of intra- and entrepreneur.]

in′tra·pre·neur′i·al adj.
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relating to, being, or consisting of intrapreneurs
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Business development from both an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial perspective.
In fact, some of the EM graduates actually ended up as corporate employees who were appreciated for their "intrapreneurial" talents, creativity and the ability to take risk within the corporate structure.
Forward-minded entrepreneurs are communicating the socioeconomic importance of deeper, wider, and higher independent thinking toward entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial ways of generating new jobs and other types of growth.
The answers to this question are the reasons that "many potential breakthroughs are left sitting on the shelves of R&D labs, collecting dust." Although some intrapreneurial activities do succeed, the authors argue that many do not due to a range of factors that make it difficult for companies to improve innovation outcomes.
Research has shown that intrapreneurship is not easy, and there are considerable differences between an intrapreneurial and a traditional corporate culture, with the latter having an emphasis on a culture and reward system that tends to favour caution in decision-making.
Brunson has worked to build a strong culture that promotes intrapreneurial success, as well as fostering a community of personal growth and development.
Short-termism in performance standards may also adversely affect the development of intrapreneurial projects, many of which are longterm in nature.
The People's LAB in France, the Home for Innovation in Belgium, or the Lux Future Lab in Luxembourg all aim to encourage employees to set out on their own intrapreneurial adventure.
The survival and sustainability of organisations in the midst of increasing competitive pressure requires that organisations invigorate intrapreneurial initiatives among the employees toward enhancement of job performance and organisational survival (Jasna and Bostjan 2011, Bhatia and Khan 2013).