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Existing or taking place within the mind or psyche: intrapsychic conflict.

in′tra·psy′chi·cal·ly adv.
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(Psychology) psychol existing or occurring within the mind
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(ˌɪn trəˈsaɪ kɪk)

existing or occurring within the mind or psyche.
in`tra•psy′chi•cal•ly, adv.
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Of course the extent of the emphasis, whether more on the intrapsychic or the intersubjective realms, and the different technical recommendations that follow, varies across psychoanalytic groups/schools.
Short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy was described as a "transference-based therapeutic approach" that helps patients by working through specific intrapsychic and interpersonal conflicts.
He uses an intersubjective approach to practice to consider concepts like engagement, working through, choice of intervention, resistance, transference, and countertransference, and disorders on the borderline/narcissistic spectrum, such as identity confusion, character deficits, and the acting out of intrapsychic conflicts.
He says 'writing about enactment necessitates analysts being willing to write quite openly about themselves and their own intrapsychic conflicts, characterological blind spots, and unconscious vulnerabilities" (Cornell, p.
Instead, using a Winnicottian frame, we will discuss how the false self might manifest and be maintained in Christian contexts (e.g., churches), largely depending on the contributions of various environmental and/or intrapsychic factors.
Some medical and psychological practitioners understand such situations only through a psychological, intrapsychic lens in which the source and cure of the problem focuses on brain biochemistry and molecular dysfunction.
I was also exposed to clinical theoreticians like Fred Pine (1998) and Lawrence Hedges (1983) who suggested ways to listen to and intervene with specific clients based on intrapsychic development and dynamics.
Larsen (Washington University) and Buss (University of Texas) explore theories and empirical research on six domains of personality functioning--dispositional, biological, intrapsychic, cognitive- experiential, social and cultural, and adjustment.
This paper recognizes that Pleck's SRS model, including masculinity ideology, has an emphasis upon "conflict" on both the intrapsychic and interpersonal levels.
And what is the actual intrapsychic process involved?
Existentialism addresses the environmental, intrapsychic, and interpersonal aspects that impact human experience (Bauman & Waldo, 1998; Boelen, 1968).
Scapegoating can have a profound effect on the intrapsychic functioning of the target member, but the phenomenon also affects subgroups and the group as a whole.