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Existing or taking place within the mind or psyche: intrapsychic conflict.

in′tra·psy′chi·cal·ly adv.


(Psychology) psychol existing or occurring within the mind


(ˌɪn trəˈsaɪ kɪk)

existing or occurring within the mind or psyche.
in`tra•psy′chi•cal•ly, adv.
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Intrapsychically, the patient's--and therapist's--needs for agency and relatedness are constantly in tension with each other.
Given its strong emotional valence, a mistiming or colluding in humour by the therapist could lead to a rupture intrapsychically and/or interpsychically.
Attaining correct orientation is hampered when a client's spirituality is voided intrapsychically by theological alienation.
Sedikides, Gregg, and Hart (2007) defined modesty intrapsychically as the holding of an intermediately positive self-view (see also Davis et at, 2010).
We theorize African-centered and pro-African stimuli may counter intrapsychically many societal ills affecting African-U.
Theoretically, it seems possible that the narcissistic patient did not enter or complete the rapprochement crisis and that the omnipotent unity still exists intrapsychically.
Mark's mother was miserable and Mark stays intrapsychically connected with her by also being miserable.
Whether in dreams, relationships, or intrapsychically, the hero must cross the First Threshold into the entrance of the zone of magnified power.
Literature and research connects men's gender role conflicts with a wide range of issues related to psychological distress both intrapsychically and interpersonally including: substance abuse, learning problems, long-term problems following divorce (Gahler, 2006), perpetration of physical violence and higher suicide levels.
In contrast, within the integrated perspective on Bowen's family systems theory and spirituality, it is assumed that spirituality first and foremost has an effect on a person's individual level of differentiation, intrapsychically and behaviorally, that then extends into positive changes within the person's interpersonal relationships (Williamson, 2003).
Jane notices that Ann is beginning to move intrapsychically and decides to support the interpersonal work a little longer.
Freud was also possessed by the way the dead live on intrapsychically and work on the living mind.