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 (ĭn′trə-spĭ-sĭf′ĭk) also in·tra·spe·cies (-spē′shēz, -sēz)
Arising or occurring within a species: intraspecific competition.
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Adj.1.intraspecies - arising or occurring within a species; involving the members of one species; "intraspecific competition"
interspecies, interspecific - arising or occurring between species; "an interspecific hybrid"
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Genotypic identification of rickettsiae and estimation of intraspecies sequence divergence for portions of two rickettsial genes.
The complete genome sequence of Pseudomonas putida NBRC 14164T confirms high intraspecies variation.
Orchid growers accept this process when the aim is to produce hybrid individuals; however, it is not very well accepted in intraspecies breeding such as C.
ADSRRS-fingerprinting and PCR MP techniques for studies of intraspecies genetic relatedness in Staphylococcus aureus.
revealed by nuclear SSR markers and the implication for intraspecies phylogenic relationship of characters.
Intraspecies and interspecies hybrids in Haliotis: natural and experimental evidence and its impact on abalone aquaculture.
Intraspecies [DELTA]pH ranges may also be dependent on variables that are not immediately apparent, such as sex and age.
I'm relieved to learn, though, that in more than two decades Busby has only seen intraspecies peace.
With more than 46 individual specimens of Allosaurus, scientists have been able to deduce much about how the Allosaurus aged and compare individuals to better understand intraspecies diversity.
Temperature-dependent variations and intraspecies diversity of the structure of the lipopolysaccharide of Yersinia pestis .