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Within blood vessels or a blood vessel.

in′tra·vas′cu·lar·ly adv.
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(Anatomy) anatomy within the blood vascular system
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Additionally, owing to thin out diameter and flexibility, fiber optics are placed into bodily cavities or positioned intravascularly. Accordingly, measurements are being performed in difficult-to-access parts of the human body with excellent local sensitivity.
Confocal microscopy measures fluorescence emitted from tissue to generate contrast, which can either be from endogenous autofluorescence, from structures such as collagen, or from the use of exogenous fluorescent dyes, such as fluorescein, injected intravascularly or applied topically.
The intravascular foreign body can then migrate intravascularly, influenced by its weight, gravity, vascular hydrostatic pressure, patient positioning, and vascular anatomy.
Unlike warm antibody type, hemolysis mostly occurs intravascularly and in the liver.
reported safe results from its latest preclinical study of intravascularly injected stem cells labeled for MRI tracking using a high dose of the company's Magnelle brand MRI contrast agent in rabbits.
It is prudent to understand the complicated interplay that can occur with the coexistence of hemodynamically significant pericardial disease and intravascularly volumecontracted states, such as that which occurs with sepsis physiology.
It is expected that, in the future, it will be possible to isolate MSCs from a number of tissues, expand them in culture, and produce billions of cells that will be administered locally or intravascularly for the treatment of diseases.
This indicates that sensitized cells (cells coated with sulfonamide antibody) can be destroyed both intravascularly and extravascularly.
In the L-NMMA group, 25 mg/kg of the NO synthase inhibitor L-NMMA was intravascularly administered 5 min before the second DAF-2DA perfusion, and a second dose of L-NMMA was added to the DAF-2DA solution at a final concentration of 2.5 mg/mL.
By studying the intravascularly injected rat livers, we collected histomorphologic evidences including the following: (1) the PVP indeed exists between the lumens of the HA and PV, which is responsible to the APS of LPD that is injected from the HA but uncovered in the PV; (2) the intrahepatic vascular inflow appears only HA-PV unidirectional without an anatomic one-way valve; and (3) we proposed a biomechanical hypothesis by using fluid dynamics to extrapolate the observed virtual HA-PV one-way-valve phenomenon.
Fifth, tumor microhemorrhage and USPIO swallowed by macrophages in the tumor may interfere with ITSS and Q evaluation, although macroscopic bleeding was ruled out by reviewing the conventional MR images and most of the USPIO particles were shown to stay intravascularly on histologic sections.
Foam polidocanol when injected intravascularly displaces blood column, adheres to the endothelium, and causes spasm [6].
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