intravenous anesthetic

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Noun1.intravenous anesthetic - an anesthetic that produces anesthesia when injected into the circulatory system
anaesthetic, anaesthetic agent, anesthetic, anesthetic agent - a drug that causes temporary loss of bodily sensations
dibucaine - a local anesthetic that is administered by injection
tribromoethanol, tribromoethyl alcohol - an intravenous anesthetic
truth drug, truth serum - an intravenous anesthetic drug that has a hypnotic effect; induces relaxation and weakens inhibitions; is believed to induce people to talk freely
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Postsurgical Candida albicans infections associated with an extrinsically contaminated intravenous anesthetic agent.
Etomidate, an intravenous anesthetic, was invented by scientists from Janssen Pharmaceuticals in the 1960s, CNN quoted Greg Panico, a spokesman for the company, as saying.
Propofol is an intravenous anesthetic agent which depresses both laryngeal and pharyngeal reflexes and provides profound relaxation of pharyngeal muscles.
This report describes the successful use of a propofol-based total intravenous anesthetic (TIVA) protocol in a king penguin with a history of seizures.
The traditional combat anesthetic is a balanced technique of volatile inhalation gas and intravenous anesthetic adjuncts.
* PROPOTREND[TM], a non-invasive monitor for the most widely used intravenous anesthetic agent, propofol, which measures changes in the free concentration of propofol in the blood by measuring changes in the propofol concentration in exhaled breath.
Based on technology licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital, Annovation is developing ABP-700, a novel intravenous anesthetic which in Phase 1 clinical studies has demonstrated potent and rapidly reversible anesthetic effects.
Propofol is a non-cumulative intravenous anesthetic agent having rapid onset and recovery producing smooth induction and requires intermittent injections for maintenance of anesthesia (Muir et al.
Propofol is a very commonly used intravenous anesthetic for general anesthesia worldwide.

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