intravenous feeding

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Noun1.intravenous feeding - administration of nutrients through a vein
alimentation, feeding - the act of supplying food and nourishment
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Injections through the skin, muscle, joints, or veins, with the exception of intravenous feeding.
Lesley said it was particularly difficult when Robbie was first put on intravenous feeding.
Dr Mark Bonar, 38, should have allowed the terminally ill woman to have end-of-life care but instead gave her false hope of recovery by offering a form of potentially dangerous intravenous feeding, it was claimed.
The European court upheld a ruling by France's top administrative court that authorised doctors to put an end to the intravenous feeding and hydration keeping car crash victim Vincent Lambert alive.
returned to hospital and spent five weeks on intravenous feeding.
Without enough intestinal length, the babies are dependent on intravenous feeding, which is costly and may cause liver damage.
SBS is a potentially fatal gastrointestinal disorder that can leave patients dependent on intravenous feeding, and hypoparathyroidism is an endocrine disease caused by absent or damaged parathyroid glands.
But intravenous feeding has been unable to provide him with the nutrients he needs, resulting in severe malnutrition, low blood sugar and bacterial meningitis.
Intravenous feeding would also be necessary as this would keep help keep the astronauts alive.
The potential acquisition would complement Fresenius' Kabi business, which produces tube and intravenous feeding equipment along with generic infusion drugs, the news agency said.
The actress, who has starred in Bollywood and Bengali films, was reported to be in a critical condition and was surviving on oxygen support and intravenous feeding at Belle Vue Clinic in Kolkata.

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