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Adj.1.intraventricular - within the system of ventricles in the brain; "intraventricular pressure"


a. intraventricular, dentro de un ventrículo.
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This may help improve neonatal outcomes avoiding Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH), Chronic Lung Disease (CLD) and Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)," he said.
The etiology of 1021 patients include myelomeningocele (794 patient), congenital (165 patient) and intraventricular haemorrhage (62 patient).
Intraventricular injection of 8-Br-cADPR (5, 10, and 20 nmol) significantly prolonged convulsion latency (P = 0.
The new catheter will be used for insertion into a ventricular cavity of the brain for external drainage of cerebrospinal fluid in patients with elevated intracranial pressure, intraventricular hemorrhage, or hydrocephalic shunt infections, added the company's CEO Chad Seaver.
Her medical cause of death was a subdural and intraventricular hemorrhage on a subject under the influence of alcohol.
3) DCC can also improve transitional circulation in preterm infants, as well as provide better red blood cell volume, less of a need for blood transfusion, and a reduced risk of necrotizing enterocolitis and intraventricular hemorrhage (most notably in preterm infants).
Furthermore, there may be newborn complications (eg, pre-existing hypoxic injury, intraventricular bleed) that may not be recognized immediately, yet hypoxemia and acidosis may be alleged to have contributed to the outcome.
Postoperative pneumocephalus in the frontal or intraventricular locations is rarely associated with postoperative cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak.
Despite treatment with high-dose glucocorticoids, she developed intraventricular conduction delay within 24 hours, followed by complete heart block.
SUMMARY--Obstructive hydrocephalus is a relatively common complication of intraventricular hemorrhage resulting in high morbidity and mortality.
In addition to BPD, the authors assessed risk factors that may predispose preterm infants to respiratory decompensation after immunization, such as a history of necrotizing enterocolitis or spontaneous intestinal perforation, grade III or IV intraventricular hemorrhage, or periventricular leukomalacia.

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