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Adj.1.intraventricular - within the system of ventricles in the brain; "intraventricular pressure"
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a. intraventricular, dentro de un ventrículo.
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Three microliters of AAV (Vigene Biosciences Inc., Shandong, China) or AAV empty were intraventricularly administered into the lateral ventricles (0.33 [micro]l/min) using specific coordinates (0.5 mm posterior to bregma, 3 mm ventral to the skull, and 1 mm lateral to the sagittal line) and a stereotaxic frame.
inhibitor), PTIO (nitric oxide/NO scavenger), Netrin-1/UO126, and Netrin-1/PTIO intraventricularly for test and control groups were administered.
The dose ranges of 8-Br-cADPR were chosen according to a previous study.[sup][11] Sham and ropivacaine groups were intraventricularly injected with 10 [micro]l normal saline solution.
Typically, they present intraventricularly with normal neighboring brain tissue [4].
Blood was collected intraventricularly in 2 mL sampling tubes (precoated with EDTA).
Radiolabeled GABA was injected intraperitoneally and intraventricularly to the test animals.

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