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Occurring in or performed on a living organism: intravital staining techniques.

in′tra·vi′tal·ly adv.
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(Biology) biology occurring within, or performed upon, an organism that is alive
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Intravital microscopy confirmed that neutrophil mobility was reduced in platelet-depleted mice where megakaryocyte volumes are increased.
The collaboration is aimed at assessing the use of Roswell Park's intravital microscopy and OncoSec's proprietary plasmid, TAVOPLUS, in combination with the company's APOLLO electroporation generator in preclinical studies.
* teeth with reversible pulpitis intended for a biological treatment of direct pulp capping method or intravital amputation.
Effects of cryotherapy after contusion using real-time intravital microscopy.
Some of these include new or improved microscopic methods such as the advancement in intravital microscopy.
Polaprezinc attenuates the Helicobacter pylori-induced gastric mucosal leucocyte activation in Mongolian gerbils--a study using intravital videomicroscopy.
For instance, Kubes' lab developed a method to visualise NET release in a mouse model of a bacterial skin infection using intravital confocal microscopy and found that neutrophils release NETs and remain functional following NET release [2]; 3.
In this study, skin wound healing was evaluated using intravital fluorescence microscopy in a model of full dermal thickness wounds in mice.
Two-photon microscopy of deep intravital tissues and its merits in clinical research.