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Occurring in or performed on a living organism: intravital staining techniques.

in′tra·vi′tal·ly adv.


(Biology) biology occurring within, or performed upon, an organism that is alive
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Two-photon microscopy of deep intravital tissues and its merits in clinical research.
Contract:The leeds institute for cardiovascular and metabolic medicine (licamm) at the university of leeds is seeking tenders for an intravital microscope system for in vivo analysis of cell function.
Arsenic preparations are used only in patients with allergy to paraformaldehyde, if the intravital pulp treatment method cannot be applied [11].
19] using intravital capillaroscopy in FMS patients, found morphological abnormalities indicating capillary dilatation, indicating functional impairment in microcirculation in this patient population.
Intravital microscopy demonstrated that TNFa-induced leukocyte adhesion and emigration was blunted in EC-specific Panx1-deficient mice.
In this regard, one of the promising methods is acoustic microscopy, which has several advantages: being noninvasive, intravital, non-toxic, and allows observation in dynamics.
Furthermore, intravital two-photon microscopic analysis showed that T cell migration in the parenchyma is significantly attenuated in the conditional ATX-deficient mice compared to control mice and that the ATX/LPA-dependent T cell motility is mediated by the LPA receptor [LPA.
Researchers made the discovery through the use of a technology called two-photon intravital imaging.
Functional intravital imaging of hepatotoxicity: Comparing intact livers to 3D in vitro systems.
More objective methods for assessing microcirculation have been developed: tonometry, indocyanine green elimination, Laser-Doppler flowmetry, spectrophotometry, peripheral perfusion index derived from the photoelectric plethysmographic signal from pulsoximetry, infrared spectroscopy with greater tissue penetrance (5); intravital videomiscroscopy and videocapillaroscopy of the nail bed.
For the intravital bacteriodiagnosis, such fecal masses were studied as taken from some animals suffering from diarrhea.
Reduction of tubular flow rate as a mechanism of oliguria in the early phase of endotoxemia revealed by intravital imaging," Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, vol.