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Variant of entrench.
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a less common spelling of entrench
inˈtrencher n
inˈtrenchment n
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1. to place in a position of strength; establish firmly or solidly.
2. to dig trenches for defensive purposes around (oneself, a military position, etc.).
3. to encroach; trespass; infringe (usu. fol. by on or upon): to entrench on the rights of another.
en•trench′ment, n.
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Past participle: intrenched
Gerund: intrenching

I intrench
you intrench
he/she/it intrenches
we intrench
you intrench
they intrench
I intrenched
you intrenched
he/she/it intrenched
we intrenched
you intrenched
they intrenched
Present Continuous
I am intrenching
you are intrenching
he/she/it is intrenching
we are intrenching
you are intrenching
they are intrenching
Present Perfect
I have intrenched
you have intrenched
he/she/it has intrenched
we have intrenched
you have intrenched
they have intrenched
Past Continuous
I was intrenching
you were intrenching
he/she/it was intrenching
we were intrenching
you were intrenching
they were intrenching
Past Perfect
I had intrenched
you had intrenched
he/she/it had intrenched
we had intrenched
you had intrenched
they had intrenched
I will intrench
you will intrench
he/she/it will intrench
we will intrench
you will intrench
they will intrench
Future Perfect
I will have intrenched
you will have intrenched
he/she/it will have intrenched
we will have intrenched
you will have intrenched
they will have intrenched
Future Continuous
I will be intrenching
you will be intrenching
he/she/it will be intrenching
we will be intrenching
you will be intrenching
they will be intrenching
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been intrenching
you have been intrenching
he/she/it has been intrenching
we have been intrenching
you have been intrenching
they have been intrenching
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been intrenching
you will have been intrenching
he/she/it will have been intrenching
we will have been intrenching
you will have been intrenching
they will have been intrenching
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been intrenching
you had been intrenching
he/she/it had been intrenching
we had been intrenching
you had been intrenching
they had been intrenching
I would intrench
you would intrench
he/she/it would intrench
we would intrench
you would intrench
they would intrench
Past Conditional
I would have intrenched
you would have intrenched
he/she/it would have intrenched
we would have intrenched
you would have intrenched
they would have intrenched
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Verb1.intrench - fix firmly or securely
fasten, fix, secure - cause to be firmly attached; "fasten the lock onto the door"; "she fixed her gaze on the man"
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References in classic literature ?
They own not merely the labor of society, they have bought the governments; and everywhere they use their raped and stolen power to intrench themselves in their privileges, to dig wider and deeper the channels through which the river of profits flows to them!--And you, workingmen, workingmen!
He had no better implement with which to intrench himself in the land than a clam-shell.
The things which the Stygian darkness hid from my objective eye could not have been half so wonderful as the pictures which my imagination wrought as it conjured to life again the ancient peoples of this dying world and set them once more to the labours, the intrigues, the mysteries and the cruelties which they had practised to make their last stand against the swarming hordes of the dead sea bottoms that had driven them step by step to the uttermost pinnacle of the world where they were now intrenched behind an impenetrable barrier of superstition.
He had promptly intrenched himself behind a large chair, as if to avoid the first attacks of Madame de Saint-Remy; he had no hopes of prevailing with words, for she spoke louder than he, and without stopping; but he reckoned upon the eloquence of his gestures.
She was too firmly intrenched in the established to have any sympathy with revolutionary ideas.
To a man intrenched behind such precautions as these, the chance of being detected might well be reckoned among the last of all the chances that could possibly happen.
Minny's mistress was charmed; but Minny, who had intrenched himself, trembling, in his basket as soon as the music began, found this thunder so little to his taste that he leaped out and scampered under the remotest chiffonnier , as the most eligible place in which a small dog could await the crack of doom.
The music was dying away along the street, and its dismal strains were mingled with the knell of midnight from the steeple of the Old South, and with the roar of artillery, which announced that the beleaguering army of Washington had intrenched itself upon a nearer height than before.
But you keep yourself intrenched in a pretended which paralyzes me.
His latest innovation for which he is applying for worldwide patents is an intrench support system called the PipePillo[TM].
So that, in effect, there was never the less left for others because of his enclosure for himself: for he that leaves as much as another can make use of, does as good as take nothing at all."); id at [section] 36 ("The measure of property nature has well set by the extent of man's labour and the conveniences of life: no man's labour could subdue, or appropriate all; nor could his enjoyment consume more than a small part; so that it was impossible for any man, this way, to intrench upon the right of another, or acquire to himself a property, to the prejudice of his neighbour, who would still have room for as good, and as large a possession (after the other had taken out his) as before it was appropriated.").