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Resolutely courageous; fearless. See Synonyms at brave.

[Latin intrepidus : in-, not; see in-1 + trepidus, alarmed.]

in′tre·pid′i·ty (-trə-pĭd′ĭ-tē), in·trep′id·ness n.
in·trep′id·ly adv.
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Kim's poetry is full of a sentiment of fedupness, of notgoingtoparticipateness--"futility and vigor" as well as intrepidness. The book reminds me of the physical law that governs magnets: how the force of repulsion is proportionate to the force of attraction.
Synonyms: bravery, braveness, courage, courageousness, valor, valiance, intrepidity, intrepidness, boldness, daring, audacity, audaciousness, fearlessness, doughtiness, dauntlessness, pluck, indomitability, stout-heartedness, lionheartedness, backbone, spine, spirit, fortitude, mettle, gallantry, chivalry.
Harrison of Belveron Partners, added, "We make investments in affordable housing across the country and continue to be impressed by the intrepidness of NY agencies."
But when their latest escapade becomes more windy and rainy and woodsy than they'd planned, Hoot's intrepidness fails, and it's up to Olive to get them home again.
This class possessed the independence, virtue, and intrepidness to fulfill the duties of citizenship.
More than intrepidness and confidence, courage is synonymous with bravery and fearlessness, attributes easily confused with aggressiveness.
Many still underestimate women in Aceh, whereas Acehnese women are formidable women, with intrepidness in their blood.
His intrepidness in meeting America on the ground, in its Triple-A ballparks and graveyards.