intrinsic fraud

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Noun1.intrinsic fraud - fraud (as by use of forged documents or false claims or perjury) that misleads a court or jury and induces a finding for the one perpetrating the fraud
fraud - intentional deception resulting in injury to another person
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SmartTouch Advanced Fraud Prevention (AFP) is an intrinsic fraud protection system that utilizes patent-pending algorithms to analyze, detect, and prevent fraudulent financial transactions before they occur.
The question became whether the mother's false testimony or misrepresentation that the husband was the father of the child(ren) born during the marriage constituted intrinsic fraud or extrinsic fraud.
14) A request for relief as a result of intrinsic fraud is brought by way of motion in the original action, while a request for relief as a result of extrinsic fraud is brought by an independent action, separate and apart from the original judgment, to attack the judgment and relieve a party from its terms.