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Taro Kono, a tenu a preciser la position officielle de son pays, lors de son allocution introductive, temoin de l'importance qu'accorde le Japon a la legitimite de ses partenaires.
2: Protected areas in Romania Categories National Parks Scientific Reserves Areas of national Natural Reservations importance Natural Parks Nature Monuments Areas of regional Sites of Community Importance importance Special Protection Areas (Birds Directive) Ramsar Sites, Wetlands of International Areas of international Importance importance World Heritage Reservations of the Biosphere Number 13 36 Areas of national 539 importance 15 172 Areas of regional 383 importance 148 19 Areas of international importance 1 3 Source: Adapted from Protected areas in Romania: Introductive notions, p.
The influence of diffusion- and relaxation-related factors on signal intensity: an introductive guide to magnetic resonance diffusion-weighted imaging studies.
Narrative and objective news stories are unique in the list of introductions because the other introductive devices tell the reader how to think about the information.
As this paper is not intended to be a historical research, the abovesaid was mentioned for merely introductive purpose.
decisions, are not to be considered as introductive of any new rule,
Its introductive planting in high-latitude regions like Spain did not flower in time in summer season, and plants died soon after budding in autumn due to early frosts.
For every language section there is an introductive essay written by scholars, translators or academic contributors explaining the history and the process of that particular translation.
It covers the whole introductive course to SIMULINK and examples how to solve set of algebraic equations, differential equation, the quadratic equation, drawing circle in SIMULINK etc.
Dans une note introductive, Mansfield explicite les principes qu'il affirme avoir adoptes dans sa traduction de l'ouvrage le plus celebre du secretaire fiorentin.
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