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also In·tro·it  (ĭn′trō′ĭt, -troit′, ĭn-trō′ĭt)
1. Ecclesiastical A hymn or psalm sung when the officiant enters at the opening of a service.
2. Roman Catholic Church The beginning of the Mass, usually consisting of an antiphon, a psalm verse, and the Gloria Patri.

[Middle English, introit of the Mass, from Old French introite, from Medieval Latin introitus, sung passage at entrance of celebrant, from Latin introitus, entrance, from past participle of introīre, to enter : intrō-, in; see en in Indo-European roots + īre, to go; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Ecclesiastical Terms) RC Church Church of England a short prayer said or sung as the celebrant is entering the sanctuary to celebrate Mass or Holy Communion
[C15: from Church Latin introitus introit, from Latin: entrance, from introīre to go in, from intro- + īre to go]
inˈtroital adj
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(ˈɪn troʊ ɪt, -trɔɪt)

1. a part of a psalm with antiphon recited by the celebrant at the beginning of the Roman Catholic mass.
2. (in the Anglican or Lutheran Church) a psalm or anthem sung as the celebrant of the Holy Communion enters the sanctuary.
3. a choral response sung at the beginning of a religious service.
[1475–85; < Medieval Latin introitus (misse or ad missam), Latin: entrance, beginning =intrō- intro- + -i-, variant s. of īre to go]
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Noun1.introit - a composition of vocal music that is appropriate for opening church services
musical composition, opus, piece of music, composition, piece - a musical work that has been created; "the composition is written in four movements"
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[ˈɪntrɔɪt] Nintroito m
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nIntroitus m
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Long-term consequences of genital involvement are labial agglutination, introital stenosis, vaginal synechiae and stenosis, vaginal and vulval adenosis, hematocolpos, and hematometra.
Cervical leiomyomas can also present as introital polypoid masses.
In developing countries vesicovaginal fistulas are more common and are related to obstructed labour due to unattended deliveries, small pelvic dimensions, malpresentation, poor uterine contractions and introital stenosis.
Vaginal atrophy, loss of elasticity, introital stenosis and dyspareunia are often associated with postmenopausal changes.
An ideal neovagina should be moist, elastic and hairless, no less than 10 cm in depth and about 3-4 cm in diameter, with no introital stenoses.
In cases where the introital opening is limited (i.e.
Using that paradigm, flexible silicone pessaries fall into three categories: those that need some support from the woman's own introital integrity to stay in place (basic support pessaries), pessaries with concavities that make them relatively self-retaining (self-retaining pessaries), and pessaries with additional urethral support designed to improve stress incontinence (incontinence pessaries).
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Diz gogus pozisyonu labiumlarin basparmak ve isaret parmagi arasinda sikistirilarak yanlara, one ve asagiya cekilmesiyle (vajinal traksiyon) introital bolge, perinenin yanlara ve asagiya dogru cekilmesi ile (supinlateral ayirma metodu) vestibuller degerlendirilebilir.
Clitoral stimulation may induce local autonomic and somatic reflexes causing vaginal vasocongestion, engorgement and subsequent transudation, lubricating the introital canal making the sexual act easier, more comfortable and more pleasurable.
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