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From an object relations perspective it has been argued that trauma damages the relationship to good internalised introjects (providing one has had 'good enough' early developmental experiences), compromising subsequent trust in others (Auerhahn, Laub & Peskin, 1993; Eagle, 2013).
Identity is formed in the crucible of the family, where parental introjects become a model for the child's development and can be rejected as an adolescent or adult as individuals shape their own identity.
This anxiety renders subjects passive in the face of violence and insecurity: in the name of securing the subject, resilience introjects violence into the structure of subjectivity.
She explains what ego states are and their diagnosis; foundational interventions for accessing positive states, creating safe places and internal caregivers, and working with infant and child states; and problem-specific interventions for trauma, relationship challenges, personality disorders, suicidal ideation, and cultural, familial, and abuse-related introjects, with case examples.
From an integrative standpoint, the internal dialogues taking place between the self and introjects (i.e., the unconscious adoption of the ideas or attitudes of others) or between the self and others "in mind" (regarded as "presence in absence") enter into play (Polischuk, 1998).
provided that the mother is really looking at the unique, small, helpless being and not projecting her own introjects on to the child.
"The Devil--or--The Introjects" brings the ill spirit of "The Maud Poems" to full froth.
James 'The Haunted Doll's House' (1825) disguise, but thereby reveal, (a) the contentious 'politics of the time' that stem from the increasingly capitalist 'economics' of the 1840s and after, (b) levels of social (and hence psychological) 'liminality'--in half-conscious middle-class thinking influenced by such economics--that threaten would-be 'models', including genderings, of 'identity' as 'supposedly coherent, self-conscious and self-present' with clear distinctions between 'masculine' and 'feminine', and (c) the particular 'ideological tensions and contradictions that the spectre [consequently] introjects' in each ghost story that is studied here, as has always been the case with ghosts in fictions and myths since the dawn of recorded history (2).
In either case, the ego's plea is, "Oh, I couldn't do that." Whether it is manipulation, seduction, being devious or defiant, the shadow says, "Oh, but I can." The child introjects the traumatizer's powerful qualities.
Psychotic denial, psychotic introjects, projection, and pathologic enmeshments are examples of these failures.
30) argued, "The basis of the capacity to be alone is a paradox; it is the experience of being alone while someone else is present." The child introjects a familial environment, which implies that there is always someone present; therefore, the child becomes gradually able to be actually alone.
On this level, the therapeutic experience is guided psychodynamically and includes identifying and working through conflicts; identifying and attending to deficits; grieving losses; neutralizing malignant introjects; metabolizing trauma; stabilizing and developing sense of self; and so on.