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The act or process of intromitting; introduction or admission.

[Medieval Latin intrōmissiō, intrōmissiōn-, usurpation, from Latin intrōmissus, past participle of intrōmittere, to intromit; see intromit.]

in′tro·mis′sive (-mĭs′ĭv) adj.


a less common word for insertion, introduction
ˌintroˈmissive adj
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Noun1.intromission - the act of putting one thing into another
movement - the act of changing the location of something; "the movement of cargo onto the vessel"
cannulation, cannulisation, cannulization, canulation, canulisation, canulization, intubation - the insertion of a cannula or tube into a hollow body organ
instillation, instillment, instilment - the introduction of a liquid (by pouring or injection) drop by drop
enclosing, envelopment, inclosure, enclosure - the act of enclosing something inside something else
injection - the forceful insertion of a substance under pressure
blood transfusion, transfusion - the introduction of blood or blood plasma into a vein or artery
perfusion - pumping a liquid into an organ or tissue (especially by way of blood vessels)


The state of being allowed entry:
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For nature (as the physicians allege) having intended the superior anterior orifice only for the intromission of solids and liquids, and the inferior posterior for ejection, these artists ingeniously considering that in all diseases nature is forced out of her seat, therefore, to replace her in it, the body must be treated in a manner directly contrary, by interchanging the use of each orifice; forcing solids and liquids in at the anus, and making evacuations at the mouth.
By the terms of this, my uncle bound himself to satisfy Rankeillor as to his intromissions, and to pay me two clear thirds of the yearly income of Shaws.
According to Couso (2009), the state exposes adolescents to stigmatization and unjustified criminalization by applying -without scientific justification-legislation that has unlimited intromission in youthful development, a position documented also by Levine (2002).
If in earlier works national space struggled against the ever menacing intromission of external forces, in Mano de obra it is the subaltern subject itself that contributes to the correct functioning of neoliberalism, as when, for example, Gloria accuses Alberto of wanting to create a union in the second part of the novel, or when Enrique, "[m]as alto que cualquiera de nosotros.
361) In his view, the United States government's increased intromission into private matters has continuously forced individuals to choose between exercising their constitutional rights and guaranteeing their subsistence.
By combining parts of the mathematical arguments on rays advanced by Euclid with the medical tradition of the Roman physician Galen, and the intromission theories of Aristotle, Ibn Al Haytham theorised that for each point on a seen object, there was a corresponding point on the eye.
As intromission (visual rays emanating from objects to the eye) replaced extramission (rays of light from the object to the eye), the idea of "sight functioning as access to the divine" took on new meaning (Hahn 2000 170; see Camille, 2000 204-08).
Abdelkrim demeure "le noyau d'une memoire presque disparue et effacee d'un peuple qui aspirait a vivre en paix avec ses traditions, sa culture, sans nulle interference ni intromission etrangere ni contingents d'armees de plusieurs nations avides du pouvoir et de solutions a leurs problemes internes qui etouffaient leurs economies et hypothequaient leur progres".
The orally administered extract had a dose dependent positive effect on mounting frequency, intromission frequency and ejaculation frequency and the most significant effects (p<0.
The male rats assuming the copulatory position over the female rats, but failing to achieve intromission was considered as a mount (17).
Once the biting courtship phase was over and intromission was attained, there was a long, smooth and synchronous period of swimming during copulation, with no twisting.