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tr.v. in·tro·mit·ted, in·tro·mit·ting, in·tro·mits
To cause or permit to enter; introduce or admit.

[Middle English intromitten, to deal illegally with others, from Latin intrōmittere, to send in, let into : intrō-, in; see en in Indo-European roots + mittere, to send.]

in′tro·mit′tent adj.
in′tro·mit′ter n.
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If you accidentally hit the graphite switch when stuff like packs are in the hopper, the hopper is damaged, as well as the intromitter drive assembly and auger shaft.
The first stage is to manually separate the main block on an open band and then utilize a rotating 'intromitter' to break the remaining agglomerates without damage to the outer skin.
The speeds of both the intromitter and metering tool are fully adjustable so they can be optimized to suit the particular fruit being handled.