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Adj.1.introvertive - directed inward; marked by interest in yourself or concerned with inner feelings
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
unsociable - not inclined to society or companionship; "an unsociable nature...shy and reserved"; "generally unsociable except with intimate friends"; "unsociable behavior"; "an unsociable neighborhood"
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Among his topics are the case of Jewish Arianism: the pre-existence of the zaddik in early Hasidism, the intolerance of tolerance: mahaloket (controversy) and redemption in early Hasidism, the introvertive piety of faith in R.
The study of the underlying latent structure of schizotypy reveals that it is a multidimensional construct that includes: a positive dimension character ized by percept ua l distortions, such as unusual perceptual experiences; a negative dimension characterized by interpersonal deficits, such as introvertive anhedonia; and a disorganized dimension characterized by manifestations of distorted thinking, such as odd speech and disrupted thoughts (Fonseca-Pedrero et al., 2014).
It is highly introvertive and encourages deep contemplation or meditation.
For the fictional poet, introvertive mysticism, essential to artistic production, replaces sexual libido.
The traits scored were "unusual experiences", such as belief in telepathy and paranormal events, "cognitive disorganisation" such as difficulty in focusing thoughts, "introvertive anhedonia" -- reduced ability to feel social and physical pleasure, and "impulsive non-conformity", or tendency towards impulsive, antisocial behaviour.