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 (ĭn′to͞o-ĭsh′ən, -tyo͞o-)
1. The faculty of knowing or understanding something without reasoning or proof. See Synonyms at reason.
2. An impression or insight gained by the use of this faculty: "I had this intuition you would come here just after the rain broke" (Carson McCullers).

[Middle English intuicioun, insight, from Late Latin intuitiō, intuitiōn-, a looking at, from Latin intuitus, a look, from past participle of intuērī, to look at, contemplate : in-, on; see in-2 + tuērī, to look at.]

in′tu·i′tion·al adj.
in′tu·i′tion·al·ly adv.
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Not in navigation, of course, nor in affairs such as the multiplication table, where the brass tacks of reality stud the way of one's ship among the rocks and shoals of the sea; but right, truth beyond truth to truth higher than truth, namely, intuitional truth."
He said that supporting the plan is one of the command's intuitional initiatives and described it as a significant effort that requires planning outside of normal or routine business processes.
I also feel that, in order to improve matters, the adviser on intuitional reforms should consider a limitation against prosecution after a certain time period, say 10 years.
"Operational data collected by the Tampa CV pilot and lessons learned from inception to operation will be instrumental to advancing the technological and intuitional readiness of connected vehicle safety systems," says HNTB's Novosad.
Discernment is the skill that deconstructs "intuitional" knowledge and brings it down to earth.
"It will be for the intuitional fund, rather than be for a project," he added, "used for our websites, for meetings in and out of Lebanon, fundraising dinners etc."
With the STFT translation of window, an intuitional time-frequency spectrum is obtained and the one-dimensional time domain signal x(i) will become a two-dimensional matrix [X.sub.m,n], in which m is the time sampling-point and n is the frequency sampling-point.
It includes award-winning programs that provide clear career paths to leadership that decrease turnover on client programs and create robust teams with intuitional knowledge.
There was intuitional autonomy and academic freedom found in designing the curriculum with opportunity of participation for other key stakeholders.
There is a substantial demand for affordable apartments in Dubai, creating opportunities for intuitional investments, Reits, housing associations as well as employers to invest in affordable rental stock and benefiting from the long-term income and high occupancy rates.