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A cairn.

[Inuit inuk, human being + suk, something resembling, substitute (since a cairn can indicate directions or other information like a person).]
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n, pl inukshuks or inukshuit (ɪˈnʊkʃjuːɪt)
a stone used by the Inuit to mark a location
[from Inuktitut, literally: something in the shape of a man]
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The Company through its subsidiary, Inukshuk Exploration Inc., owns the highly prospective 8,015 ha Hood River gold property located contiguous to the Ulu mining lease.
In addition to the option on the Ulu, Blue Star has been working on the permitting of the 2019 exploration program on its Hood River Concessions that are owned through its 100% owned subsidiary, Inukshuk Exploration Inc.
This summer, it celebrated the centennial with a family-friendly party for employees past and present, including the commemoration of an inukshuk, quarried from local amethyst-studded granite, in a small park next to its Marina Park Drive Terminal.
(2) We follow the Inuit-preferred spelling rather than the English-language "inukshuk."
Tacoma, WA, October 03, 2017 --( Corey Nutrition Company, makers of Inukshuk Professsional Dog Food, has opened their Northwestern US distribution hub in Fife, WA.
Caption: Rankin Inlet's famed inukshuk. Traditionally constructed by the Inuit and other peoples of the Arctic region, the inukshuk--a cairn built from rocks or boulders in the form of a human--is integral to Inuit culture.
It will join the zoo's adult polar bears -- Nikita, Aurora, and Inukshuk -- soon on exhibit for public.
In an address at the 2003 UELAC AGM and Conference, Bernice spoke of the Inukshuk as a symbol of preserving history and the importance of leaving a marker to point the way for future generations.
He said the "Inukshuk" that will be installed near Shanti Path in New Delhi will be a lasting symbol of the amity and goodwill between peoples of India and Canada.
4], and referring to the inukshuk as "a pagan symbol" [Letters, Where was the cross?, p.
Totem poles, polar bears and the ever-present inukshuk towered over the very white staff, who spoke of "sustainability"--their catch-all category for Aboriginal people, Vancouver's downtown eastside, people under 18, tadpoles, frogs, wooden forks at the cross-country venue, and women.
He has a novel recently out (Inukshuk, Bellevue Literary Press) and writes about classical music too.