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Of inestimable value; priceless: invaluable paintings; invaluable help.

in·val′u·a·ble·ness n.
in·val′u·a·bly adv.
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While highlighting Pakistan's support, Noordwyk said Pakistan provided invaluably and principled support during the Liberation Struggle of Nelson Mandela, and also assisted South Africa in its transformation process.
Guidance for differentiation of instruction is invaluably included within the chapters of the book; however, I feel the GRR model of instruction warrants overt explanation by the authors.
Where I could most reliably comprehend these poets as, invaluably, not-me, was in reading their prose.
Although the digital technology invaluably telescopes research time and guards against the fallibility of the eye, the temptation arises to conduct a smash and grab raid on the text, extracting the material of most immediate, literal relevance to one's query and dispensing with the remaining 99%.
Female parliamentarians have contributed invaluably to the debate and legislation tabled at the parliament- the Women's Caucus has made many gains in passing female friendly legislation and raising awareness for women's rights.
Connecting with my students beyond a superficial level has helped me invaluably in meeting their needs, or at the very least, acknowledging and validating their needs.
"The 'Unboxing Kindness' campaign is being rolled out through Dubai Ladies Club's traditional media and social media platforms, inviting people and organisations to join us in expressing our gratitude to the working ladies in women labour camps for their tireless, consistent efforts that contribute invaluably to our society's thriving development," said Khan.
The English translation of a seminal work that documents journalists' struggle against state repression in 1977-78 invaluably makes it accessible to a wider audience
These scholars have invaluably contributed to our understanding of
First and foremost, the uncle-aunt concept did invaluably help resolve marriage challenges in most situations.