invasion of privacy

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Noun1.invasion of privacy - the wrongful intrusion by individuals or the government into private affairs with which the public has no concern
civil wrong, tort - (law) any wrongdoing for which an action for damages may be brought
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Because it also captures intimate body details, the searches are seen as an invasion of privacy by the American Civil Liberties Union and others, and most passengers picked out for searching would rather be patted down than X-rayed because it takes less time.
As issues swirl in the national political debate about invasion of privacy relating to the controversial Patriot Act and the news that Presidential candidate John Kerry himself was an unknowing victim of intrusive FBI surveillance in the 1970s, the Hip-Hop world once again finds itself on the cutting-edge of raising awareness about social injustices that ultimately affect all American citizens.
The lawsuit, filed Monday, alleges invasion of privacy, unlawful use of the plaintiffs' images for monetary gain, and mail and wire fraud under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.
Bostwick has over 25 years of litigation and counseling experience in complex business matters and constitutional law and civil liberties, with specific expertise in First Amendment, libel, journalism privilege, slander, defamation and invasion of privacy litigation.
Paula Abdul has filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit in Santa Monica against a diet juice promoter that she claims wrongfully used her name in magazine ads.
Among other claims, the judge let stand plaintiffs' claims of invasion of privacy, breach of duty of confidentiality and fiduciary duty, violation of Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, and conspiracy among the defendants.
There's already been a backlash against the measure, chiefly because of its Orwellian overtones that suggest an invasion of privacy.
A fifth of the town's population turned out for the meeting, which appeared to split the community between younger ``Baywatch'' fans and older people who resent the invasion of privacy and inconvenience that film production inevitably brings.
Lingering concerns over invasion of privacy, however, threaten to stifle market penetration.
Caputo, who also claims the Enquirer refuses to print a correction or retraction, is seeking unspecified general and punitive damages for defamation and invasion of privacy.
Fireball protects computers by analyzing all inbound and outbound traffic for malicious activity, shielding the desktop from Trojan horse programs, OS attacks, data leakage, invasion of privacy and even annoying pop-up ads.