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1. Of, engaging in, or given to armed aggression: an invasive military force.
a. Of or relating to a disease or condition that has a tendency to spread, especially into healthy tissue: an invasive carcinoma.
b. Of or relating to a medical procedure in which a part of the body is entered, as by puncture or incision.
3. Tending to spread widely in a habitat or ecosystem. Used especially of nonnative species: an invasive grass.
4. Tending to intrude or encroach, as upon privacy.
An invasive species or organism.

[Middle English, from Old French invasif, from Medieval Latin invāsīvus, from Latin invāsus, past participle of invādere, to invade; see invade.]

in·va′sive·ly adv.
in·va′sive·ness n.
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the state or quality of being invasive
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ISLAMABAD -- By probing what happens to cells in acid regions of tumors, scientists have uncovered new information about cancer's invasiveness and spread.
New York, NY, January 08, 2019 --( Daniel Pouliquen's research paper is titled, "Characterization of increasing stages of invasiveness identifies stromal/cancer cell crosstalk in rat models of mesothelioma." Pouliquen obtained his PharmD and a specialized degree in Clinical Biochemistry in 1984.
In the wake of reports that Facebook has been letting other tech giants harvest large chunks of their data and the lawsuit against Facebook filed Wednesday by Washington, D.C., over the Cambridge Analytica breach, the bad PR and potential fines still pose little chance of changing the fundamental invasiveness of internet companies.
We would suggest removing the existing bathtub and replacing it with a shower base that is the exact same size as the bathtub and we can also get the new base with the drain in the same area that the existing tub drain is so there is minimal invasiveness to the homeowner.
Tired of bamboo's constant leaf litter and invasiveness but can't give up the natural fencing its delicate canes and lush foliage provide?
PTTG expression level was significantly higher in NFPA compared to somatotropinomas (P=0.04, Table 1) and was associated with tumor invasiveness (P=0.03), especially in NFPA (P=0.02; Figure 1).
Histological analysis of specimens shows that MOSPD2 levels were correlated with the stage of tumor invasiveness, and were profoundly elevated in invasive and metastatic breast cancer, making it an attractive target for potential treatment of late-stage breast cancer.
'Such invasiveness smacks of the sexism and harassment women have had to endure.
Designed to improve the patient experience and increase the willingness of individuals to participate in recommended colorectal cancer screening, C-Scan removes many frequently-cited barriers, such as laxative bowel preparation, invasiveness, and sedation.
Invasiveness, one of the properties of tumor progression, contains the tumor's ability to expand into the host tissue due to biochemical and biomechanical processes.
The higher Gal-3 expressions were detected in samples with deeper invasiveness than those with superficial invasiveness before (?[sup]2 = 12.720 and 13.369, respectively, both P < 0.05) and after pingyangmycin treatment (?[sup]2 = 8.429 and 4.590, respectively, both P < 0.05).