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1. Denunciatory or abusive language; vituperation: an orator known for his abundant use of invective.
2. A denunciatory or abusive expression or discourse: shouted invectives at the umpire.

[From Middle English invectif, denunciatory, from Old French, from Late Latin invectīvus, reproachful, abusive, from Latin invectus, past participle of invehī, to inveigh against; see inveigh.]

in·vec′tive adj.
in·vec′tive·ly adv.
in·vec′tive·ness n.
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Thus most invectively he pierceth through The body of the country, city, court, Yea, and this our life, swearing that we Are mere usurpers, tyrants, and what's worse, To fright the animals and to kill them up In their assigned and native dwelling place.