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tr.v. in·vent·ed, in·vent·ing, in·vents
1. To produce or contrive (something previously unknown) by the use of ingenuity or imagination.
2. To make up; fabricate: invent a likely excuse.

[Latin invenīre, invent-, to find : in-, on, upon; see in-2 + venīre, to come; see gwā- in Indo-European roots.]

in·vent′i·ble adj.
in·ven′tor n.
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That a system is not inventible may not be an objection to the belief that the Vedas of India are eternal and they were revealed to rsis--seers or sages--who were then able to divine and express them in Sanskrit.
Trabalhos recentes de historia da Antropologia confirmam os rendimentos analiticos da inclusao de personagens marginais nas instituicoes universitarias, em especial o volume editado por Richard Handler, Excluded ancestors, inventible traditions.
Jones argued that the super towers that have risen along 57th Street, which have been met with both praise and criticism, will be something that residents will be happy about in the future, during an inventible downturn--when new construction isn't feasible.