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1. Of, relating to, or characterized by invention.
2. Adept or skillful at inventing; creative.

in·ven′tive·ly adv.
in·ven′tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.inventively - in an inventive manner; "Picasso's liberated shapes and excitingly applied and inventively combined colours"
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[ɪnˈventɪvlɪ] ADVcon inventiva or imaginación
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It was long after my acquaintance with his work that I came to a due sense of Irving as an artist, and perhaps I have come to feel a full sense of it only now, when I perceive that he worked willingly only when he worked inventively. At last I can do justice to the exquisite conception of his 'Conquest of Granada', a study of history which, in unique measure, conveys not only the pathos, but the humor of one of the most splendid and impressive situations in the experience of the race.
If you like horror films, you'll find 'Midsommar' as an inventively imagined romp through an overutilized genre.
The story inventively and unusually starts on the inside cover of the book as a goat, Mr Clutterbuck, declines an offer for a night out, gets ready for bed and settles down for the night.
The inventively adapted and patented technology replaces manual tracking for ULDs, which move cargo shipments, baggage and mail.
More popular than ever, Jeff Lynne's ELO have always been known for their epic live shows, with a distinct style that seamlessly and inventively blends rock, pop and classical.
The 23-year-old scored the opener during the Magpies' final-day 3-0 victory over Barnsley by inventively side-foot flicking DeAndre Yedlin's low cross into the net.
The impact of 2002's inventively violent The Bourne Identity was to invigorate the competition - and Daniel Craig duly wowed the world as a gritty James Bond.
Although it's essentially a modest tale, it's inventively realised by Box of Tricks and its four-strong cast.
STAR BUY For reviews to: 2015 Winemakers' Selection Shiraz Malbec (PS6 at Sainsbury's) Here, inventively, Argentina has blended shiraz with its flagship malbec grape variety.
She said: "I loved the design of Captain Phasma's costume had been so inventively worked into the dress design.
While inventively used, the DualShock 4 isn't quite as good a fit for Tearaway's ideas as the contained combo of the PS Vita's large and accurate touchscreen, cameras and portability.