inverted comma

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in·vert·ed comma

n. Chiefly British
A quotation mark.

inverted comma

(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) another term for quotation mark

quota′tion mark`

one of the marks used to indicate the beginning and end of a quotation, in English usu. shown as (“) at the beginning and (”) at the end, or, for a quotation within a quotation, as single marks of this kind, as “He said, 'I will go.'”
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Noun1.inverted comma - a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone elseinverted comma - a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else
punctuation mark, punctuation - the marks used to clarify meaning by indicating separation of words into sentences and clauses and phrases
single quote - a single quotation mark
double quotes - a pair of quotation marks
scare quote - the use of quotation marks to indicate that it is not the authors preferred terminology
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Different shapes of the glenoid cavity have been described; pear shaped, round, oval or inverted comma shaped.
Here, McCulloch is much more scrupulous in his use of adjectives--as in "black," "African" and, all too often, "native," a colonial derogative about which the author should have warned potentially unsuspecting readers, if only with the use of the occasional inverted comma.
Located southeast of NGC 6723 and highlighted by its surrounding blue nebulosity, NGC 6729 has the appearance of an inverted comma and is part of an outflow from a young stellar object or protostar known as R Coronae Austrini, deeply embedded in the dust.
Inverted comma shaped--The glenoid cavity has a distinct notch as shown in figure-2
2) Due to presence of this glenoid notch, various shapes of glenoid cavity are found like pear-shaped, oval or inverted comma shaped.
Z-list - Infamous, shameless, the stars in highly inverted commas we love to hate.
I have deliberately put the word work in inverted commas as my involvement is minimal, I help host the auction and raffle and how can work be this much fun?
BM And you think that using inverted commas is some sort of code?
It is very difficult to find out means to avoid plagiarism detection software, but scholars try to avoid plagiarism check by using some tactics like rephrasing, using synonyms and inverted commas.
A word of warning here: watching Louis Walsh on X Factor while gorging on chilli-sauce coated donner "meat" (the inverted commas are entirely appropriate) is likely to induce feelings of severe nausea.
A quick Google here, a pair of inverted commas there, and you can find the things you've been looking for.
I put cooking demonstration in inverted commas because a demonstration implies that we might do this ourselves at some point, but we just sat with our mouths open as he put together a squid pasta: i.