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1. One that inverts or produces inversion.
2. A device used to convert direct current into alternating current.
3. An electronic device whose output reverses the sign of its input current or voltage, thereby shifting the phase of alternating current signals by 180 degrees. Also called phase inverter.
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(ɪnˈvɜːtə) or


1. (Electronics) any device for converting a direct current into an alternating current
2. (Computer Science) computing another name for NOT circuit
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(ɪnˈvɜr tər)

1. a person or thing that inverts.
2. a device that converts direct current into alternating current. Compare converter.
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In electrical engineering, a device for converting direct current into alternating current. See also rectifier.
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Noun1.inverter - an electrical converter that converts direct current into alternating current
electrical converter - converter that converts alternating current into direct current or vice versa
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Power inverters convert direct current into the alternating current that powers the vehicle.
Gadgets called inverters convert this stored energy to a much more convenient and usable form: the standard 120-volt AC "house current" we are so familiar with in our homes and businesses.
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