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1. One that inverts or produces inversion.
2. A device used to convert direct current into alternating current.
3. An electronic device whose output reverses the sign of its input current or voltage, thereby shifting the phase of alternating current signals by 180 degrees. Also called phase inverter.
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(ɪnˈvɜːtə) or


1. (Electronics) any device for converting a direct current into an alternating current
2. (Computer Science) computing another name for NOT circuit
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(ɪnˈvɜr tər)

1. a person or thing that inverts.
2. a device that converts direct current into alternating current. Compare converter.
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In electrical engineering, a device for converting direct current into alternating current. See also rectifier.
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Noun1.inverter - an electrical converter that converts direct current into alternating current
electrical converter - converter that converts alternating current into direct current or vice versa
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The machine is also equipped with three motors, all synchronized with individual frequency invertor. The fabric tension is controlled simultaneously by mechanical and electronic means, which allows the machine to run fabric with Lycra.
Dawlance, Pakistan's number one home appliances manufacturer, has launched its innovative Glass Door Invertor Refrigerator.
The first amongst them is DC Invertor ACs which are quite common these days.
Vario-Flo is achieved by fitting Invertor 'Speed-Control' Motors, such that the amount of agitation can be increased or decreased dependant upon the type of work going through the process tank.
Available in 7" embossed plastic paper, 2,000 pieces per reel, these resistors are suitable for use in a number of applications in the computer, telecommunications, medical and power supply industries ranging from desktop PC, note PC, mobile PC to invertor power supplies.
The mixer has a batch size of 1.5 liters, incorporating tangential rotors and an AC invertor drive control system to provide variable rotor speeds, plus a high pressure feed hopper.
Several configurations of their AF1110 Series of semi automatic filler will be seen on their stand, i ncluding servo-drive, flux vector invertor drive, gravimetric sack filling and a strip-down version to demonstrate the ease of disassembly and re-assembly for cleaning and change-over.
The DC power is put on a DC bus (conductor) which in turn feeds into an invertor. The invertor is the most important part of the system because it filters the power and changes it back to AC power.
* dual invertor design (in case of component failure single furnace is still operating).