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Noun1.investment adviser - someone who advises others how to invest their money
adviser, advisor, consultant - an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
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BNY Mellon Securities Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of BNYM Investment Adviser was the Fund's principal underwriter and distributor in connection with the offering.
The guidance clarifies how an investment adviser's fiduciary duty and Rule 206(4)-6 under the Advisers Act relate to an adviser's proxy voting on behalf of clients, particularly if the investment adviser retains a proxy advisory firm.
Investment advisers owe each of their clients a duty of care and loyalty with respect to services undertaken on the clients’ behalf, including proxy voting.0x20 Rule 206(4)-6 under the Advisers Act requires an investment adviser who exercises voting authority with respect to client securities to adopt and implement written policies and procedures that are reasonably designed to ensure that the investment adviser votes proxies in the best interest of its clients.0x20
Investment professionals whose firms are registered with the SEC or the relevant state securities regulator will often represent themselves as an "investment adviser." The title suggests that they are a "fee-only" adviser.
US-based investment adviser Brookfield Asset Management's Public Securities Group has closed the acquisition of US-based investment adviser Center Coast Capital Advisors, LP's Center Coast Capital Holdings, LLC affiliate, the company said.
The company that acquired Towson-based Everest Wealth Management, which kept its license after former owner Philip Rousseaux lost his investment adviser registration, was ordered to halt investment advisory operations Friday.
First of all, New York does not register investment adviser representatives.
If, however, the provider offers portfolios created by the robos, or functionality that brings it within the definition of "investment adviser" under Section 202(a)11 of the Advisers Act, then the technology provider should also be required to register, either as an investment advisor under the Advisers Act, or as a robo platform under the new regulatory category proposed in this article.
The amendments require investment advisers to provide additional information regarding Separately Managed Accounts (SMA), additional materials regarding the calculation and distribution of performance information, required identification of any custodians holding 10% or more of the investment adviser's SMA RAUM, and permit the 'umbrella registration' regime under which private fund advisers operating as a single advisory business may register with the SEC using one Form ADV.
Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) are co-authors of the Investment Adviser Oversight Act of 2012.
4624, the Investment Adviser Oversight Act, a bill which would shift regulation of investment advisors to a self-regulatory-organization (SRO) rather than directly by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
New York did not provide confirmation that it conducts exams of advisory firms when surveyed by the SEC; Minnesota reported it doesn't conduct exams; and Wyoming doesn't have an investment adviser law.