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Unable to survive or develop normally: an inviable newborn calf.

in·vi·a·bil′i·ty n.


not viable, esp financially; not able to survive: an inviable company.
inˌviaˈbility, inˈviableness n
inˈviably adv


(ɪnˈvaɪ ə bəl)

(of an organism) incapable of sustaining its own life.
[1915–20; in-3 + viable]
in•vi`a•bil′i•ty, n.
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There may have been some ecological inviability as well--a condition where hybrid offspring are normal but suffer lower viability because they cannot find an appropriate ecological niche.
Genetic inviability is a major driver of type-Ill survivorship in experimental families of a highly fecund marine bivalve.
President Danilo's observations suggest that the wording of the new code states that "with the exception of the extenuating circumstances [rape, incest, fetal inviability, danger to a woman's life] set out in article 110, anyone who through food, potions, medicines, treatments or any other method, cause the interruption of a woman's pregnancy or cooperates with this purpose, even when she considers it, will be penalized with two or three years in prison.
Such factors may play a much more important role than the traditional criteria for reproductive isolation--hybrid inviability and sterility (Coyne & Orr 1989)--which are frequently absent in recently diverged taxa suggesting that such postzygotic effects are the by-products of genetic divergence rather than a driving force in speciation.
Due to seed inviability, 15 genotypes of the first experiment did not germinate, which made the analysis of those genotypes impractical.
Likewise, her coherent and well-argued position on the inviability of mestizo as a racial category tied to phenotype is innovative and a welcome challenge to the very assumptions we have about race in historical contexts.
Although previous research (Burford, 2011a) and evidence from this study support the possibility of segregation by means of prezygotic barriers, the possibility of segregation by postzygotic barriers, such as hybrid sterility or zygotic inviability, cannot be ruled out completely.
In vitro crosses promise a breakthrough in evolutionary biology: by bypassing hybrid sterility and inviability, we will ask which genetic changes underlie species differences.
In addition, the ovicidal action of PZQ caused inviability of eggs by retraction of miracidia, mostly of mature eggs.
Potential gamete wastage in synchronously spawning corals due to hybrid inviability.