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Noun1.invidia - spite and resentment at seeing the success of another (personified as one of the deadly sins)
deadly sin, mortal sin - an unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of grace; "theologians list seven mortal sins"
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This envy, being in the Latin word invidia, goeth in the modern language, by the name of discontentment; of which we shall speak, in handling sedition.
For of other affections, there is occasion given, but now and then; and therefore it was well said, Invidia festos dies non agit: for it is ever working upon some or other.
At the time of publication, Apple and Invidia are among some of the larger US-based companies reporting drops in quarterly revenues because of slower demand in China.
Her progressive Big Apple ken allows her to use "agency" as a social science term, along with "invidia" (empathy), "diplopia," "amphisbaena spines," "reflexive signifiers," "scudetto," and "affective fallacy." While distaste is expressed for the word "praxis," Pinoy words are all over the pages, un-italicized, leaving foreign readers the option of Googling exotic terms from "butaka" to "butanding," "saba" to "sundang.
because such criticisms as you make of others' shortcomings are thought by most men to be due to malice and envy [dehinc, quia plerique, quae delicta reprehenderis, malevolentia et invidia dicta putant].
[50] Si vaga e si gentil che un'altra in terra Ciprigna (42) ella parea, ma casta e pura come giovane e bella; de altre donne, che sovente a danzar si ritrovaro, il commerzio (43) fuggi lontan mai sempre, (44) [55] de le amorose giovani schivando l'astio e l'invidia ch'a l'altrui beltate soglion naturalmente invidia avere.
E sua bieltate e di tanta vertute, che nulla invidia a l'altre ne procede, anzi le face andar seco vestute di gentilezza, d'amore e di fede.
Graecos itaque negotiatores, quos pantapolas dicunt, in quibus manifestum est maximan inesse multitudinem magnamque in emendis vendendisque mercibus dligentiam, ulterius non patimur sacrae urbis habitatione secludi, licet eos dissensio et maxima invidia tabernariorfm quam venerablis urbis Romae utlitas a negotaatione submoverit.
/ invidia pulsat pectus," 131-34 (143v; Now feble feare stil egges