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Not violated or profaned; intact: "The great inviolate place had an ancient permanence which the sea cannot claim" (Thomas Hardy).

[Middle English, from Latin inviolātus : in-, not; see in-1 + violātus, past participle of violāre, to violate; see violate.]

in·vi′o·la·cy (-lə-sē), in·vi′o·late·ness n.
in·vi′o·late·ly adv.
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Gibreel, the angel, sings an old Hindi film song whose patriotic text insists on the cosmopolitan's "inviolately subcontinental heart" (6), while Chamcha, the more-British-than-thou toady, counters this blasphemy over England by singing the verses of one James Thompson (1700-1748).
The features on the dead body of the parnas are all that remains inviolately human to them.