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A group of one or more whorls of bracts beneath a flower or flower cluster.

[French, from Latin involūcrum, wrapper, envelope; see involucrum.]

in′vo·lu′cral (-krəl), in′vo·lu′crate (-krĭt, -krāt′) adj.
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Adj.1.involucrate - having an involucre
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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Others are Grewia pubescens (Afoforo); Heliotropium indicum (Ogberi-akuko); Ipomoea involucrate (Alukerese); Jatropha curcas (physic nut, Botuje or lapalapa); Jatropha gossypiifolia (wild cassava or Botuje pupa); Musanga cecreopioides (umbrella tree or Aga); Opuntia dillenii (prickly pear or Oro agogo); leaves of Portulaca oleraceae (Esinsan-Omode) and sugarcane.
The results indicated that the vegetables investigated are moderate sources of potassium with values ranging from 1124.7 mg/100g (% RDI = 22.5%) to 2861.0 mg/100g (% RDI = 57.2%) in the raw form for Hibiscus escolentus (exotic) and Momordica involucrate, respectively.
This was also demonstrated by Pirola (2013), who used PET[R] bottles with lids and controlled temperatures (6[degrees]C) in the storage of recalcitrant seeds of Eugenia involucrate, increasing the period of viability of these seeds for up to 45 days.
In the same study, miR-34 was described as profibrotic miRNA since it is involucrate in upregulating foxo3 levels [152].
Interaction between an isolate of dark-septate fungi and its host plant Saussurea involucrate. Mycorrhiza, 18: 79-85