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n. pl. in·vo·lu·cra (-krə)
An enveloping sheath or envelope, such as the sheath of new bone that forms around a sequestrum.

[New Latin involūcrum, from Latin, wrapper, envelope, from involvere, to enwrap; see involve.]


(ˈɪn vəˌlu kər)

1. a collection or rosette of bracts subtending a flower cluster, umbel, or the like.
2. a covering, esp. a membranous one.
[1570–80; < Middle French < Latin involūcrum a wrapper, cover <involū-, variant s. of involvere (see involve)]
in`vo•lu′cral, adj.
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A sequestrum or involucrum will only be seen in 10% of cases.
7) Beroaldo read the book as a kind of involucrum or wrapper that contains a mystical subtext within the literal level.
23) The term "cloaca" refers to an open channel within the involucrum and is a site of drainage of pus and granulation tissue from the medullary space into the adjacent soft tissues to the skin.