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The parametric equations of an involute of a circle are
x = r cos θ + r θ sin θ,
y = r sin θ - r θ cos θ.


1. Intricate; complex.
a. Botany Having the margins rolled inward.
b. Zoology Having whorls that enclose and obscure earlier whorls. Used of a gastropod shell.
intr.v. in·vo·lut·ed, in·vo·lut·ing, in·vo·lutes
To curl inward.
The curve traced by a point as if it were on a taut string being unwound from another curve.

[Latin involūtus, past participle of involvere, to enwrap; see involve.]

in′vo·lute′ly adv.


[ˌɪnvəˈluːtɪd] ADJ [design, system] → intrincado


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Bed space [right arrow] Dream mouth [right arrow] The involuted
The widespread belief that hemangiomas will completely disappear in the frist few years of life is misleading, as shown by Finn et al who reported that 80% of lesions that had not involuted by 6 years (and 38% of lesions that had involuted at 6 years) left behind a residual cosmetic deformity.
The second, third, and fourth branchial clefts merge to form the sinus of His, which will normally become involuted. When a branchial cleft is not properly involuted, a branchial cleft cyst forms.
Pathological analysis demonstrated one spleen to be a lymphangioma/hemangioma, one was an involuted hematoma with fibrosis and the other a congenital splenic cyst.