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The parametric equations of an involute of a circle are
x = r cos θ + r θ sin θ,
y = r sin θ - r θ cos θ.


1. Intricate; complex.
a. Botany Having the margins rolled inward.
b. Zoology Having whorls that enclose and obscure earlier whorls. Used of a gastropod shell.
intr.v. in·vo·lut·ed, in·vo·lut·ing, in·vo·lutes
To curl inward.
The curve traced by a point as if it were on a taut string being unwound from another curve.

[Latin involūtus, past participle of involvere, to enwrap; see involve.]

in′vo·lute′ly adv.


[ˌɪnvəˈluːtɪd] ADJ [design, system] → intrincado


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The widespread belief that hemangiomas will completely disappear in the frist few years of life is misleading, as shown by Finn et al who reported that 80% of lesions that had not involuted by 6 years (and 38% of lesions that had involuted at 6 years) left behind a residual cosmetic deformity.
The second, third, and fourth branchial clefts merge to form the sinus of His, which will normally become involuted.
Cox added: The ability to involute the atrial wall into the ablation device itself using suction allows for the application of radiofrequency energy to both sides of the involuted tissue, thereby creating reproducible transmural and contiguous linear lesions for the first time off?
If sutures are needed for hemostasis, they are involuted to prevent exposure to the ovarian capsule.
Pathological analysis demonstrated one spleen to be a lymphangioma/hemangioma, one was an involuted hematoma with fibrosis and the other a congenital splenic cyst.