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1. Complicated; intricate: the involved procedure of getting a license. See Synonyms at complex.
2. Connected by participation or association: involved in a conspiracy.
3. On fire; burning: The fire spread, and the garage became fully involved.
a. Emotionally committed: He joined their organization but never really got involved.
b. Having a sexual relationship: They see a lot of each other but aren't involved.
5. Curled inward; coiled or involute.

in·volv′ed·ly (-vŏl′vĭd-lē) adv.
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1. complicated; difficult to comprehend: an involved literary style.
2. (usually postpositive) concerned or implicated: one of the men involved.
3. euphemistic (foll by: with) having sexual relations: she was involved with a number of men.
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1. intricate or complex.
2. implicated: involved in crime.
3. concerned in some affair, esp. in a way likely to cause danger or unpleasantness.
4. committed or engaged: politically involved.
in•volv•ed•ly (ɪnˈvɒl vɪd li, -ˈvɒlvd-) adv.
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1. used after a linking verb

The adjective involved is usually used after a linking verb such as be or get.

If you are involved in an activity, you take part in it.

He doesn't think sportsmen should get involved in politics.
Many different companies are involved in producing these aircraft.
2. used after a noun

The people involved in something are the people affected by it or taking part in it.

It is difficult to make a decision when there are so many people involved.
The play was a great success and we'd like to thank everyone involved.

You also use involved immediately after a noun when you are mentioning an important aspect of something.

There is quite a lot of work involved.
She had no real understanding of the problems involved.
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Adj.1.involved - connected by participation or association or use; "we accomplished nothing, simply because of the large number of people involved"; "the problems involved"; "the involved muscles"; "I don't want to get involved"; "everyone involved in the bribery case has been identified"
uninvolved - not involved; "being uninvolved he remained objective"
2.involved - entangled or hindered as if e.g. in mireinvolved - entangled or hindered as if e.g. in mire; "the difficulties in which the question is involved"; "brilliant leadership mired in details and confusion"
encumbered - loaded to excess or impeded by a heavy load; "a summer resort...encumbered with great clapboard-and-stucco hotels"- A.J.Liebling; "a hiker encumbered with a heavy backpack"; "an encumbered estate"
3.involved - emotionally involved
committed, attached - associated in an exclusive sexual relationship
4.involved - highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious; "the Byzantine tax structure"; "Byzantine methods for holding on to his chairmanship"; "convoluted legal language"; "convoluted reasoning"; "the plot was too involved"; "a knotty problem"; "got his way by labyrinthine maneuvering"; "Oh, what a tangled web we weave"- Sir Walter Scott; "tortuous legal procedures"; "tortuous negotiations lasting for months"
complex - complicated in structure; consisting of interconnected parts; "a complex set of variations based on a simple folk melody"; "a complex mass of diverse laws and customs"
5.involved - enveloped; "a castle involved in mist"; "the difficulties in which the question is involved"
enclosed - closed in or surrounded or included within; "an enclosed porch"; "an enclosed yard"; "the enclosed check is to cover shipping and handling"
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2. implicated, taking part, caught up, mixed up, embroiled, entangled, enmeshed, ensnared She became involved with the group soon after the Chernobyl disaster.
3. concerned with, associated with, participating in, connected with, caught up in, occupied by It's an organisation for people involved in agriculture.
4. absorbed in, caught up in, lost in, deep in, fascinated by, immersed in, gripped by, engrossed in, captivated by, enthralled by, preoccupied by, up to your ears in, wrapped up in She was so involved in her career she had no time for fun.
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1. Difficult to understand because of intricacy:
2. Having concern:
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[ɪnˈvɒlvd] ADJ (= complicated) → complicado, enrevesado
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[ɪnˈvɒlvd] adj
(= complicated) → complexe
(= necessary) [time, work] → que cela implique
We believe the time and work involved in completing such an assignment are worthwhile → Nous croyons que le temps et le travail qu'implique une telle mission en valent la peine.
the two days' work involved in filming the commercial → les deux jours de travail que cela implique de filmer le spot publicitaire
the money involved → l'argent en jeu
There's quite a lot of money involved → Il y a pas mal d'argent en jeu.
to be involved in sth [money, time, work] (= devoted to) → être en jeu dans qch
He cannot reveal how much money is involved in the scheme → Il ne peut révéler combien d'argent est en jeu dans ce projet.
(= concerned) to feel involved in sth [person] → se sentir concerné(e) par qch
(in relationship) to be involved with sb → avoir une liaison avec qn
to become involved with sb → entretenir une liaison avec qn
He became romantically involved with a married woman → Il entretenait une liaison romantique avec une femme mariée.
to be involved in sth [person] [+ industry, activity] → travailler dans qch
an organisation for people involved in agriculture → une organisation pour les gens travaillant dans l'agriculture
She was involved in the animal rights movement → Elle était très impliquée dans le mouvement de défense des droits des animaux.
to be deeply involved in sth (= absorbed) → être profondément absorbé par qch
I was deeply involved in my work → J'étais profondément absorbé par mon travail.
women who are so involved in their careers that they have no time for friendship
BUT des femmes qui s'impliquent tellement dans leur carrière qu'elle n'ont aucun temps à consacrer aux amis.
to be involved in a crime → être impliqué dans un crime
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adjkompliziert; regulations alsoverwirrend; story alsoverwickelt; stylekomplex, umständlich (pej); a long involved sentenceein umständlicher Schachtelsatz; a long involved explanationeine lange und komplizierte Erklärung
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[ɪnˈvɒlvd] adj (situation, discussion) → complicato/a, complesso/a
see also involve
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(inˈvolv) verb
1. to require; to bring as a result. His job involves a lot of travelling.
2. (often with in or with) to cause to take part in or to be mixed up in. He has always been involved in/with the theatre; Don't ask my advice – I don't want to be/get involved.
inˈvolved adjective
complicated. My time-table for Friday is becoming very involved.
inˈvolvement noun
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a. complicado, enredado;
to be ______ estar involucrado;
to get ___involucrarse o meterse en.
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References in classic literature ?
I am very anxious that no ideas should be attached to the words "purpose" and "desire" beyond those involved in the above definitions.
they must be bodily movements in whose causation the special properties of nervous tissue are involved. The cycle ends in a condition of quiescence, or of such action as tends only to preserve the status quo.
He must be involved in an open and public scandal, and with you."
There are great interests involved here, and, before all things, I have had to consider the welfare of our friends.
You might almost say, that this strange uncompromisedness in him involved a sort of unintelligence; for in his numerous trades, he did not seem to work so much by reason or by instinct, or simply because he had been tutored to it, or by any intermixture of all these, even or uneven; but merely by a kind of deaf and dumb, spontaneous literal process.
These accounts were of a sufficiently alarming nature from the first; but as the night wore on, they grew so much worse, and involved such a fearful amount of riot and destruction, that in comparison with these new tidings all the previous disturbances sunk to nothing.
That they then began to demolish the house with great fury, and setting fire to it in several parts, involved in a common ruin the whole of the costly furniture, the plate and jewels, a beautiful gallery of pictures, the rarest collection of manuscripts ever possessed by any one private person in the world, and worse than all, because nothing could replace this loss, the great Law Library, on almost every page of which were notes in the Judge's own hand, of inestimable value,--being the results of the study and experience of his whole life.
You shall not be involved in any rash proceedings on my part.
He became involved in a palace intrigue, and only saved himself by betraying his accomplices.
But, if the facts which were involved at the criminal trial can also be shown to be involved in a civil action (and in this case they can), the entire matter may be made the subject of a new legal inquiry; and the verdict of a second jury, completely vindicating your husband, may thus be obtained.
I endeavored to cheer and amuse her by reminiscences of my adventures in Afghanistan; but, to tell the truth, I was myself so excited at our situation and so curious as to our destination that my stories were slightly involved. To this day she declares that I told her one moving anecdote as to how a musket looked into my tent at the dead of night, and how I fired a double-barrelled tiger cub at it.
My jests, gentlemen, are of course in bad taste, jerky, involved, lacking self-confidence.