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Writing vulnerability takes as much skill, nuance, and willingness to follow through on all the ramifications of a complicated idea as does writing invulnerably and distantly.
22) Marlow comes to the realization through his meeting with Chester and Robinson that Jim's "fine sensibilities, his fine feelings, his fine longings--a sort of sublimated idealised selfishness" (107-8), allow him to preserve his sanity and to bear the strain: "A little coarser nature would not have borne the strain; it would have come to terms with itself--with a sigh, with a grunt, or even with a guffaw, a still coarser one would have remained invulnerably ignorant and completely uninteresting" (108).
They were times of (c)(k)ynicism, and Peter Sloterdijk taught us that being ready for anything makes us invulnerably clever.