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tr.v. en·wreathed, en·wreath·ing, en·wreathes
To surround with or as if with a wreath.



v.t. -wreathed, -wreath•ing.
to surround or encircle with or as if with a wreath.
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Hetty blushed a deep rose-colour when Captain Donnithorne entered the dairy and spoke to her; but it was not at all a distressed blush, for it was inwreathed with smiles and dimples, and with sparkles from under long, curled, dark eyelashes; and while her aunt was discoursing to him about the limited amount of milk that was to be spared for butter and cheese so long as the calves were not all weaned, and a large quantity but inferior quality of milk yielded by the shorthorn, which had been bought on experiment, together with other matters which must be interesting to a young gentleman who would one day be a landlord, Hetty tossed and patted her pound of butter with quite a self-possessed, coquettish air, slyly conscious that no turn of her head was lost.
Thermodynamics, you know: Poetry and Translatione as inwreathed in feedbacke loops through Tyme.
Paul, who saw "Beauty and the Beast" And asked how soon will the beast become lovely, For all inwreathed This imagined music Traces the particular line Of lines meeting by chance or design ("A"-12; 186-87)