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tr.v. en·wreathed, en·wreath·ing, en·wreathes
To surround with or as if with a wreath.



v.t. -wreathed, -wreath•ing.
to surround or encircle with or as if with a wreath.
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His paradise "inwreathes" another pattern of sources, all of them redemptive: a portrait of a garden echoing descriptions of creation in the Zohar (554); Ezekiel's vision, while he was still captive in Babylon, of a temple and city, a restored Israel (548); Queen Elizabeth's translation of Boethius praising God's creation (555); Sir Thomas Browne's search for Eden in The Garden of Cyrus (561); Frederick Law Olmsted's reformist vision realized in his design of Prospect Park in Brooklyn (563); and many other paradises.