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Adj.1.iodised - treated with iodine; "iodized salt"
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Tenders are invited for Contract for supply vacuum evaporated iodised salt at various station of hq mg and g area for the period from 01 apr 2018 to 31 mar 2019
Multan -- Experts at a seminar warned on Tuesday Iodine deficiency could cause severe ailments like thyroid disorder, decline in intelligence and physical weakness, suggesting to the people to use iodised salt to avert the above mentioned issues.
Although some communities can get enough iodine from their natural foods, especially those who have access to sea food, most communities depend on iodised salt, which is one of the cheapest and most effective sources of dietary iodine.
His second visit came 23 years later in 2005 as a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador promoting the use of iodised salt.
Improvements were noted in percentage of underweight children and in use of iodised salt.
AS KASHMIR moves from rock salt of Pakistan to iodised salt, there is a remarkable reduction in iodine deficiency among schoolchildren of the Valley.
KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): The first-ever iodised salt factory started production in the industrial park in southern Kandahar province on Saturday, the governor's office said.
Dr Mahmoud Fikri, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Policies at the Ministry of Health, said the ministry was in talks with other authorities to put in place a legislation to use and market iodised salt only.
The only difference is that chemists at the society believe a teaspoon of dark soya sauce should be added to the more common ingredients of meat juices, flour, iodised salt, pepper and vegetable water.
Introduction of iodised salt to regions of chronic iodine-deficiency disorders might transiently increase the proportion of thyroid disorders, but overall the small risks of iodine excess are far outweighed by the substantial risks of iodine deficiency.
We tend to get our biggest dose of iodine from table salt, but among 88 randomised samples of common iodised salt brands, 47 didn't contain the FDA's recommended iodine