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Adj.1.iodised - treated with iodine; "iodized salt"
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The easiest approach for addressing iodine deficiency is through ensuring universal access to iodised salt.
This was revealed by District Nutrition Officer Alamgir Mandokhail while addressing a seminar organized by Nutrition Program Balochistan on the importance of iodised salt here at DHO office.
Present study has shown association of iodised salt with papillary carcinoma when compared with follicular neoplasm.
Mr Hameed said iodine deficiency had been overcome in urban areas of Lower Dir where 95 per cent of the salt being sold in markets was found iodised. However, he said majority of the population in hilly areas was without iodised salt.
An iodine deficiency mostly occurs when someone eats little or no bread, eats uniodised or organic bread and does not use iodised salt.
Summary: Panaji, (Goa) [India] Apr 10 (ANI): The 1500 years old salt farming of rock salts in Goa is dwindling away as iodised versions of it are ruling the roost.
Bhutta, "A study on the household use of iodised salt in sindh and punjab provinces, Pakistan: Implications for policy makers," Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences, vol.
Multan -- Experts at a seminar warned on Tuesday Iodine deficiency could cause severe ailments like thyroid disorder, decline in intelligence and physical weakness, suggesting to the people to use iodised salt to avert the above mentioned issues.
Although some communities can get enough iodine from their natural foods, especially those who have access to sea food, most communities depend on iodised salt, which is one of the cheapest and most effective sources of dietary iodine.
His second visit came 23 years later in 2005 as a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador promoting the use of iodised salt.
Improvements were noted in percentage of underweight children and in use of iodised salt.