iodized salt

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i´o`dized salt´

n.1.Table salt to which an inorganic iodide compound has been added as a nutritional supplement to prevent goiter.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Khawaja Masood referring to a recent National Nutrition Survey said 70 percent of the households in Pakistan are using iodized salt.
On the occasion Federal DG Health Dr Asad Hafeez said that mental capability of more than 38 million children can be enhanced if the parents make iodized salt , essential part of their daily diet.
They were addressing the participants of media training workshop on the reporting of iodine deficiency disorders and promotion of consumption of iodized salt, organized by The Network for Consumer Protection in collaboration with the UNICEF.
According to them, the utilization of iodized salt at the household level was only 17% despite 56.4% respondents were aware about iodized salt.
The objective of the training is to sensitize media regarding iodine deficiency disorders and importance of iodized salt consumption.
Aslam Chaudhry, Director General Health Services (DGHS) Punjab, said that the companies producing iodized salt were serving the humanity through elimination of iodine deficiency disorders.
He said being large consumers of salt they could play a vital role in creating demand for iodized salt among people.
He asked the participants to focus on removal of the obstacles faced by field staff ensuring supply of iodized salt. Khalid Iqbal, provincial coordinator, MI while highlighting aims and objectives of the workshop informed that various partners had been invited to it to devise efficient laws for promotion of iodized salt.
He said that sanitary and food inspectors of the department of Health would monitor salt factories on weekly basis to ensure processing of adequately iodized salt only.