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A clear, blue or blue-violet cordierite often used as a gemstone. Also called water sapphire.

[Greek ion, violet; see iodine + -lite (on the model of German Iolith : Greek ion + -lith, -lite, -lith).]


(Minerals) another name for cordierite
[C19: from Greek ion a violet + -lite]
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And, although not a brand new trend, using the diamond as an embellishment to a statement coloured stone is still popular: "Our clients are showing a desire to see coloured gemstones from top quality rubies and sapphires through to more unusual stones, tourmaline, kunzite, iolite and hessonite.
Los puntos analizados en los circones son de 20 micrones de diametro y la reduccion de datos se realizo utilizando el programa Iolite IGROpro.
Clear quartz |nugget and iolite drops necklace, left and moonstone and classic pearl necklace, right, both by Marianne Robson, details at madebymarianne.
It is rich in texture and style, made from sterling silver and iolite fine stones.
The piece de resistance is a pair of earrings that plays on the complementary colors of green and blue-turquoise, prehnite, iolite and diamonds framed in yellow gold.
Also, guests who check in throughout the month of June may be one of five visitors to find a semi-precious stone -- either amethyst, green quartz, aquamarine, iolite or rock quartz -- awaiting them at turndown.
This pendant has a sweet little sterling silver crown (engraved on the inside with the date of the wedding), an iolite and freshwater pearl.
Clay components include chlorite, iolite, kaolinite and smectite.
A geological tourist in Brimfield - Dana specifies the "road leading to Warren" - might happen upon some lovely iolite, or traces of adularia, mica or garnet.
Lilac or indigo stones are best, such as pale amethyst, tanzanite, iolite, lilac charoite and lilac jade.